Sundays at The Melrose Trading Post

Yesterday, I spent a wonderful afternoon of shopping at The Melrose Trading Post located in the parking lot of Fairfax High School (7850 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046). The entrance is only $2 and parking is free!photo (28)

Vendors set up their tents and are open for business from 9am-5pm. You’ll find everything from unique accessories and upcycled furniture to original artwork and vintage clothing. You can literally spend hours going through all the tents! Don’t be afraid to bargain with the vendors… sometimes you can score some amazing deals. I’ve bought vintage tops, designer wallets, original jewelry, and every time I go back I find another great and one of a kind find!

My find of the day was this cute infinity necklace from honeygemrocks! Find them on Etsy HERE.

photo (29)They had tons of awesome jewelry! Definitely a place to stop by and check out!


If you get hungry while you’re shopping, head over to the food court! You’ll find all sorts of yummy treats that satisfy even the healthiest appetites. They had coffee stands, crepes, sandwiches to name a few…. but of course I couldn’t help myself… Cool Haus was just calling my name. I had red velvet ice cream wedged between chocolate chip cookies. And I ate the wrapper. It’s made out of edible paper ;~)

There are also plenty of places to sit around and live entertainment every Sunday. 

Every time I’ve been to the Post has been great and it’s probably one of those things I’ll always try to find time to do. If you’re looking for some inexpensive fun on a Sunday morning, this place is for you. But one last tip: Bring CA$H. If you do find something you love, it’s a great way to negotiate a deal.

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Waze App: One of the Best Ways to Get Around Town

405Let’s face it. LA traffic sucks. Most commuters spend hours a week trying to get from point A to point B and the process can be beyond frustrating. I’ve found a great app called Waze which uses a community operated system where drivers alert each other on traffic conditions, hazards, and even police up ahead. Once you open the app on your smart phone, it begins to track the speed at which your car is moving along with those around you to calculate your trip. The cool thing about Waze is that it’ll give you the fastest route every time and alert you if your trip is delayed due to traffic conditions. It even changes your route for you if it’ll save you time. For example, for those of you who hate the never-ending construction mess on the 405 or can’t stand being trapped in a 110 mess, look for the routes icon to navigate freeway free, but be aware that sometimes taking side streets might be worse.

TIP: for those of you new to Los Angeles, using it often can teach you all sorts of new routes known only to locals. :~D

There are other features which allow you to connect with your facebook contacts and see if any other Waze users are in your area. Frankly, I don’t want people to know where I am at all times (too Big Brother for me), but if you like it and find it useful, then comment below :~) You can also gain points when you report conditions, but again, I don’t use those features.

This little app has saved me more than once getting from one audition to another… I highly recommend it. Best of all… It’s Free!

Find out more or download the app here: WAZE



Yesterday I finally got my California license plates after four trips to the DMV! I never thought it was going to be so difficult and I’m sure my experience might differ from someone else, but here are some things that might help you speed things along.


I brought my car from Florida (where smog checks aren’t required) so I had no clue that my car needed to pass a smog test in order to get my California tags and registration. I saw car repair shops all over LA that said smog test, but I never even bothered to check if I needed one. FIRST FAIL.

I arrived with an appointment ( you can get one here: DMV Appointments) to take my written test for my driver’s license and get my tags and registration and was helped by the front desk person who looked through my paperwork and gave me a number. She never checked for my smog paperwork so after I took the written test, I sat there for another hour or two before I was told I needed one by another person.


After I left the DMV, I stopped by an auto repair shop to get my smog certification and return to get everything finalized. Well, what’d ya know? My car failed! The diagnosis would’ve taken a full day which I didn’t have. So, I was back to the DMV to get a temporary permit without an appointment. I was there forever!

I went to get the diagnosis which revealed a $600 repair and after driving it for a week, had to get a second smog test for another $50. Finally, the car was ready…


Two weeks later, I walked in to the DMV early in the morning for a 3rd time and went Read More