Waze App: One of the Best Ways to Get Around Town

405Let’s face it. LA traffic sucks. Most commuters spend hours a week trying to get from point A to point B and the process can be beyond frustrating. I’ve found a great app called Waze which uses a community operated system where drivers alert each other on traffic conditions, hazards, and even police up ahead. Once you open the app on your smart phone, it begins to track the speed at which your car is moving along with those around you to calculate your trip. The cool thing about Waze is that it’ll give you the fastest route every time and alert you if your trip is delayed due to traffic conditions. It even changes your route for you if it’ll save you time. For example, for those of you who hate the never-ending construction mess on the 405 or can’t stand being trapped in a 110 mess, look for the routes icon to navigate freeway free, but be aware that sometimes taking side streets might be worse.

TIP: for those of you new to Los Angeles, using it often can teach you all sorts of new routes known only to locals. :~D

There are other features which allow you to connect with your facebook contacts and see if any other Waze users are in your area. Frankly, I don’t want people to know where I am at all times (too Big Brother for me), but if you like it and find it useful, then comment below :~) You can also gain points when you report conditions, but again, I don’t use those features.

This little app has saved me more than once getting from one audition to another… I highly recommend it. Best of all… It’s Free!

Find out more or download the app here: WAZE

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