Sundays at The Melrose Trading Post

Yesterday, I spent a wonderful afternoon of shopping at The Melrose Trading Post located in the parking lot of Fairfax High School (7850 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046). The entrance is only $2 and parking is free!photo (28)

Vendors set up their tents and are open for business from 9am-5pm. You’ll find everything from unique accessories and upcycled furniture to original artwork and vintage clothing. You can literally spend hours going through all the tents! Don’t be afraid to bargain with the vendors… sometimes you can score some amazing deals. I’ve bought vintage tops, designer wallets, original jewelry, and every time I go back I find another great and one of a kind find!

My find of the day was this cute infinity necklace from honeygemrocks! Find them on Etsy HERE.

photo (29)They had tons of awesome jewelry! Definitely a place to stop by and check out!


If you get hungry while you’re shopping, head over to the food court! You’ll find all sorts of yummy treats that satisfy even the healthiest appetites. They had coffee stands, crepes, sandwiches to name a few…. but of course I couldn’t help myself… Cool Haus was just calling my name. I had red velvet ice cream wedged between chocolate chip cookies. And I ate the wrapper. It’s made out of edible paper ;~)

There are also plenty of places to sit around and live entertainment every Sunday. 

Every time I’ve been to the Post has been great and it’s probably one of those things I’ll always try to find time to do. If you’re looking for some inexpensive fun on a Sunday morning, this place is for you. But one last tip: Bring CA$H. If you do find something you love, it’s a great way to negotiate a deal.

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